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  • Comes with bigger storage capacity up to 14 liters with built in storage tank of 14 liters.
  • compact and sleek design for your beautiful home.
  • In built multi-layer RO membrane which filters your water and remove harmful virus and bacteria.
  • Boost your immunity with goodness of cooper and uv+ technology.

  • High Quality 100 GPD Booster Pump,
  • Imported 80 GPD RO Membrane,
  • LED UV Protection, UF filter and Copper Alkaline Technology In side,
  • ABS Food Grade plastic cabinet, this system is designed to work from 100 to 2000 tds ( total Dissolved solids)
  • RO+UV+UF+TDS Controller WITH COPPER Technology Purification System
  • For Installation And Te....Read More

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