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AquaSure Delight(RO+UV+UF+MTDS) from Aquaguard, a compact and sleek purifier, is equipped with an advanced TDS regulator (MTDS),allowing you to easily adjust the taste of water as per the water source. Trusted by people across the nation and being one the most preferred brand in over 1500 cities, AquaSure ensures safe drinking water for millions of people.

  • White, Capacity: 7 liters tank, Power Consumption: 43 watts ; Input Water Temperature: 10 - 40°C and Operating Input Voltage: 230 V AC/50 Hz, Material Tank Type- Food Grade Plastic
  • Multi Stage Purification(RO+UV+UF+MTDS)
  • Long Lasting Cartridge Life: 6000L cartridge life
  • 30.5Cm(Height)x24.5Cm(Depth)x30.5Cm(W)
  • Can be used for TDS(200-2000),P....Read More

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